Do you know the signs and symptoms of kidney cancer in adults?

Blood, pain, mass. There is a classic triad of hematuria (blood in urine), flank pain, and abdominal mass this presents with, but is seen in only 10-20% of patients. Hematuria (40%), flank pain (40%), mass (33%), and weight loss (33%) are the most common individual syndromes. Paraneoplastic syndromes-erythrocytosis (3%), hypercalcemia (5%), and nonmetastatic hepatic dysfunction (stauffer's syndrome) (15%) occur.
Varies. In this day and age, symptoms from kidney cancer are absent. Most tumors are found incidentally. In the old days people would present with abdominal mass, flank pain and hematuria. We still see this buy not as common as before and usually in places of low socio economics and no access the healthcare. Weight loss, fever, anorexia, etc are seen in very advanced cases.