What are the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease compared to regular diarrhea?

Moreso. Pain, frequent bms, nighttime bms, joint pains, skin rash, eye pain, fever, weight loss, bleeding. These can be seen in infectious diarrhea (usually short-lived), but more commonly seen in ibd, especially if recurrent, or lasting for more than a few days. Got any of these symptoms? See your doc...Soon.

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Is diarrhea always more of a symptom of inflammatory bowel disease or can constipation be the main symptom?

Usually diarrhea... Ulcerative colitis starts in the rectum, progresses up; hallmark is diarrhea, often bloody. May have tenesmus ("dry heaves of the rectum")-urge to go, but not much to show for it. Crohn's disease usually has diarrhea, but not always-depends on location and extent. May present with pain, fever, weight loss, lack of growth in kids. Crohn's can cause narrowing, strictures in bowel. Read more...