Is there any cure for solitary rectal ulcer syndrome?

Treatment. for solitary rectal ulcer syndrome depends on severity. Behavior modification, medication, or even surgery may be in the treatment plan. Lifestyle modification can help control the symptoms (water/fiber/exercise). When symptoms are not controllable surgery to remove the rectum would indeed be curative.
Perhaps. There are a number of useful treatments for Solitary Rectal Ulcer Syndrome such as enemas containing steroids or other anti-inflammation medicines. Prevention of constipation is crucial, and sometimes botox is used to relax the anal opening to prevent retaining feces. Unfortunately there is no simple, sure cure because the disease is relatively rare , and the causes are not fully understood.
Sometimes surgery. If conservative treatment doesn't work, many (but not all) patients will benefit from surgery. The problem may recur after surgery. You should obtain a referral to see a proctologist (colo-rectal surgeon) for recommendations. Try to do an internet review of the problem before your consultation in order to obtain better and more clear-cut answers.