36 weeks having contractions. Some are painful some aren't that bad &' im having back pain &' period like cramps? Is this braxton hicks or real labor?

Possibly. Back pain and contractions are signs of pregnancy but it depends. If you use a watch and time the contractions and if they seem more consistent and closer in time apart then that could be a true sign of labor. I would call your OB/GYN and discuss and other specific symptoms. These symptoms include and vaginal discharge, water, etc.
Contractions. At 36 weeks it is important to follow your doctor's preterm labor precautions. These might include: more than four contractions in one hour (BH or otherwise), vaginal bleeding, an increase or a change in the type of vaginal discharge — if it becomes watery, mucusy, or blood-tinged, more pressure in the pelvic area (a feeling that your baby's pushing down), low back pain, etc. If so, see doctor.

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36 weeks with Contractions that are 10 minutes apart &' last about 4 minutes long. &' I have lower/middle back pain along with cramps. Braxton hicks?

Early Labor. Braxton Hicks contractions are usually not regular and typically not strong enough to cause discomfort. It's possible you are in early labor. It would probably be best to call your OB and let them know this is happening and follow their advice. Your OB may want to have you go to labor and delivery for an exam and monitoring of the contractions as well as your baby's heart rate tracings. Good luck! Read more...