Are earaches symptoms of hearing loss and deafness?

Not usually. Otalgia, or ear pain, can be caused by infections of the middle ear, infection of the outer ear, referred pain from the jaw, or eustachian tube dysfunction. The last item is the feeling you may get of "popping" when on an airplane as it is ascending or descending due to changes in pressure. Hearing loss and deafness can be the result of repeated severe ear infections, but this is not common.
Can be. Just earache alone may not always be associated with hearing loss unless there is swelling or obstruction in the external ear or other middle ear problems.

Related Questions

Do childhood earaches cause hearing loss later?

Possible. If there is recurrent ear infections or fluid build up behind the ear-- can lead to some hearing loss.
Depends. One problem in the pre-antibiotic era was a condition where the ear bones became immobile because of chronic infections. There is even a specialty of ear docs who would replace them. With today's availability of meds and monitoring this is seldom a problem. Any time they have a middle ear infection there is a transient decline in hearing, but it usually returns to baseline after it clears with rx.

I've been told I have otosclerosis and have too have hearing aids as I have 15% hearing loss in both ears I am in constant pain with earache with it?

Need specialist eval. Your complaints of pain would not be due to otosclerosis. You need an ear nose and throat specialist evaluation to determine the cause of your pain. It could be inflammation, infection, eustachian tube dysfunction, cholesteotoma or a host of other possible causes. Sorry the centers not more helpful. Best of luck Dr. R.

Slowly growing, solid, unmovable lump below right ear at jawline. Earaches, strange headaches, hearing loss, difficulty swallowing. Bone growth?

See ENT. Parotid glad and tumor or infection can do that! Could be aN enlarged node also- Be examined soon. May need imaging and even biopsy.

Brief episodes of vertigo, ear fullness, ear ache, and pulsatile tinnitus in left ear for two months (started after a cold with bronchitis). Also, conductive hearing loss in left ear. Outer ear and tympanic membrane look fine. Neur. Exam. Fine.

Meniere's disease? Are you having headaches as well? With vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears perhaps??) you've described 3/4 symptoms of Ménière's disease, the only last symptom being headaches on the side of the hearing loss and ringing in the ear. You'd need an MRI to know that the inner ears and brain in general look OK. Treatment for this is challenging.

Mild right ear pain and waking up with hearing loss in same ear for 3 days. Hearing comes back to normal over an hour or so. What could this be and what should I do?

Ear pain. You MAY have an ear infection or some other situation. In any case, please see your doctor ASAP. You don't want to do permanent damage or loose hearing permanently. Peace and good health.