What would cause severe chest pain - not shoulder pain- immediately following percutaneous liver bx?

Chest pain. Chest pain, especially chest pain described as 'severe' should be evaluated in person by a professional in an emergent setting no matter what happened beforehand,...please get this worked up at an ER as soon as possible.

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What causes severe chest pain, shoulder pain, neck pain after eating followed by throwing up. Also dizziness, and sweating. Have had this 3 times?

YouGotYourHeartInIt. Glad I saw this.It worries me a little.Of course,any doctor would need to know more but,a lot of other possibilities aside for now,at your age it could be related to your heart.A rather rare form of angina.I'd expect you'd get those symptoms after exertion too but everybody is unique.Best to get the heart issue settled ASAP. I'd also consider what I've been eating and how much. Lighten-up for now. Read more...