What causes polyhydramnios in gdm?

Fetal polyuria. When the maternal blood sugar is elevated for prolonged periods of time, the sugar crosses over to the fetus and it cannot retain it in its kidneys, therefore profuse fetal glucosuria ensues. This leads to polyhydramnios.

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How is gestational diabetes outcome correlated to polyhydramnios?

High Sugars Cause It. If mom's blood sugar is high, the baby's is too. The same way high sugars cause an adult to urinate more, this high sugar. Causes the baby to make more urine, and the baby's urine is what makes up the amniotic fluid. Read more...

Can you tell me how is gestational diabetes correlated to polyhydramnios?

Diabetes is a cause. Diabetes or Gestational Diabetes are known to sometimes cause polyhydramnios. If diabetes is the cause, the baby will be larger than expected for its stage of development. . Read more...