What are the typical symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder?

Excessive worry. Generalized anxiety disorder refers to a persistent pattern of worrying about a variety of real or imagined possible bad events that can occur to the point that it interferes with day-to-day functioning. It is quite common, often runs in families, and can be surprisingly debilitating. It also it quite responsive to various treatments, both talk therapies and medications.

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How do I lessen my symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder?

Med/PsychT/Self-Care. Medication and psychotherapy works best. Establishing self-care pattern, schedules might help relieve anxiety by making the environment more predictable. Cognitive behavioral therapy might help with identifying negative thoughts contributing to anxiety and what might provoke the thoughts. You will have to follow through with the homeworks assigned in therapy and relaxation exercises.
Therapy+other tools. Find a good psychotherapist: psychotherapy assists in identifying & resolving underlying issues... Depending on severity, meds may or may not be indicated...+introduce urself to the very powerful self help tool of emotional freedom technique (eft); it's all over the internet, youtube, www. Eftuniverse. Com. +mindfulness meditation & relaxation are very powerful tools for gad! Wishing you well!
CBT and meditation. CBT-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be very effective and you can do it yourself with the Companion app for iPhone which you can get at: www. Companionapproach. Com I highly recommend it. Meditation with the breath is relaxing and helps reduce anxiety. I highly recommend SPIRE which is a tiny device you wear. You can find it at: http://bit. Ly/28W8bpB.
Generalized Anxiety. In addition to the earlier information other docs gave you, consider clinical hypnosis and self-hypnosis training (see www. Asch. Net for licensed referrals). Read up on the fight-flight-freeze response and the Relaxation Response (see www. Relaxationresponse. Org). Peace and good health. Your central nervous system is on high alert and needs to be re-trained.

How bad can the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder get?

Bad enough to. Require in patient psychiatric care.
Varies. Varies on the person, the environment and the triggers. It can lead to an er visit or a visit to a locked inpatient treatment center. If you or someone you know is not being treated with this disorder get you or them seen by a heathcare provider.
Anxiety. Can progress to panic attacks, with severe avoidance leading to depression & compromised daily functioning.

Once you cure generalized anxiety disorder will the symptoms go away?

Tough question. It's not clear that one can "cure" gad, although it is highly treatable with medications and certain kinds of talk therapies. And, effectively treated, the symptoms do indeed go away, or at least become markedly less intense. However, those with a history of gad are vulnerable to a return of symptoms especially under major stressful conditions or trauma.

Generalized anxiety disorder for 9 months now. I don't take meds. Today I got 2 PVC in a row. Is this related to anxiety. I don't have serious symptoms.?

GAD. You write an interesting question -- saying you have gad for 9 months, it's not serious, are on no medications, but you have pvc's. Pvc's can come from anxiety as well as many other issues, so please see your physician very soon. Gad can be a serious problem because it limits your enjoyment and participation in life. Good treatments (not limited to medications) are available. Ask your doctor.
PVC? I am curious as to how PVC was diagnosed & what symptoms u r having that might indicate pvc. If u have a cardiologist, it is best to consult that doctor for follow up.

I have 95% of the symptoms for generalized anxiety disorder should I talk to my doctor about it?

GAD. If causing u distress or interfering with your daily functioning, absolutely.
Probably should. If you have that many congruent symptoms with gad it's probably best to consult with your physician about it. The two of you can possibly discuss diagnostics, and then referrals to a mental health specialist if needed.
If you'd like help. If you'd like help with your anxiety, then yes you should talk with your physician about it. The diagnosis may or may not be correct, but your doctor can help assess and suggest reasonable treatments.
GAD? Yes talk with u pcp about it and he will be able to help u.

Is nasal congestion a symptom of generalized anxiety disorder?

No. No, it is not. It may be allergies or other causes. Sometimes, anxiety patients can make a congested nose worse by blowing too hard. Be gentle as you blow your nose. See your doctor for a work up of nasal congestion.
THINK. Go for whats likely first. Cold, allergies, drugs - stuff like that. If it doesn't go away soon, ask yr dr. Most of my patients with gen anx disorder have never complained fo nasal congestion. Maybe they've been to busy worrying about things and feeling distressed. If that fits you check with a psychotherapist. Might help...

What is the treatment for add symptoms due to generalized anxiety disorder?

Are you saying. That you have poorer concentration because of your anxiety disorder? Treat the anxiety disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be quite effective. Psych meds may be indicated. Aim for daily exercise, 8 hours of sleep /night ; good nutrition w 5 servings of veggies ; 4 of fruit per day. Try tai chi, yoga, qi gong, progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing exercises ; meditation. Take care.

What is the best treatment for add symptoms due to generalized anxiety disorder?

Maybe not ADD. Untreated anxiety can manifest as in attention therefore treating the anxiety with therapy and or medications can lead to improved attentional ability.