Signs of gerd?

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Many . More common symptoms are: feeling that food is stuck behind the breastbone, heartburn or a burning pain in the chest (under the breastbone), increased by bending, stooping, lying down, or eating; more likely or worse at night; relieved by antacids; nausea after eating. See: http://goo.Gl/rlxo3.
GERD. GERD - gastroesophageal reflux disease is due to stomach acid and juices that travel backwards up the esophagus and the acid causes a burning sensation, sometimes it can be severe enough that it causes chest pain. Complications of GERD can be weight loss, loss of appetite, painful swallowing, cough, pneumonia from aspiration and even lead to cancer of the esophagus over time.
R/O IBS With GERD. GERD symptoms nausea/reflux/abdominal pain /bloating. You need a full exam and blood work. Especial screen for H pylori . Also stool screen x 3 for occult blood /parasite/hpylori . Empiric trial of Zantac vs nexium (esomeprazole) , if symptoms persist baseline EGD.. While you are getting these items checked out you should ditch to a gluten free high fiber diet . Ie and .

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What to do if I have pain in my shoulders and in my arms, sides of chest and hard time swallowing, is that a normal sign of gerd?

GERD. While this could be GERD, this is somewhat of an unusual presentation for GERD and could be a sign of many other conditions. It may also be totally inconsequential. The best thing is to check with your doctor to review your medical conditions. Some tests may be required. Read more...

I have a dry cough after eating a large meal. Is this a sign of GERD or acid reflux?

Yes. This could very well be a sign of reflux. But it may be something else also. Check with your doc. Nasolaryngoscopy may become useful - discuss with your doc after complete history and exam. Read more...
Possibly. Possibly. Cough associated with large meals could represent 'atypical' reflux symptoms. The more 'typical' symptoms include heartburn and regurgitation. Other possible explanations of the cough could be aspiration or perhaps a hiatal hernia. Both of these would be uncommon in a 22 yo but not unheard of. Read more...