What are the symptoms of gallbladder disease like stones?

(RUQ) Abdominal Pain. A gallbladder attack is characterized by right- or middle upper abdominal pain (severe, pressure-like, noncramping, nonburning) that typically lasts for an hour or two. Associated symptoms include nausea+/-vomiting+/-chills. The pain often radiates around into the back and/or shoulder. Attacks are often precipitated by fatty or fried food intake, although middle-of-the-night attacks are common.

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Doc diagnosed me with gallbladder disease (no stones). My symptoms normally occur at night and food can cause pain/bloat one time and not next. Why?

Fat content. With gall bladder dysfunction, the symptoms you experience may vary dramatically according to the amount of fat in your meal.
Non functioning gall. Non functioning gall bladder can cause pain in the abdomen. That might be the reason for your pain, certain type of food might cause pain than the other, also have you treated for irritable bowel too as your symptoms are suggestive of irritable bowel too.

HIDA scan said I have gallbladder disease. No stones. I'm not sure what this means. And if surgery is right. Can u advise me?

Acalculous cholecyst. You have a diseased GB and need a cholecystectomy. This usually caused by fine sludge obstructing the outflow tract of the GB and causing infection.

Can gallbladder cause pain left shoulder blade? It's hurting in the right and middle too. Have suspected gallbladder disease w/out stones-

Yes. Gallbladder can hurt in several areas and pain radiates to some areas. HIDA scan can help to diagnose dysfunctional GB. Also, if normal - endoscopy may help to rule out GERD, hiatal hernia that may cause similar symptoms.

I have gallbladder disease, is it possible to have bike duct blockage from a stone with only mild pain on upper right side?

Maybe. Do you have known gallstones? Generally bile duct blockage or obstruction from gallstones is painful and associated with nausea, vomiting ; yellow jaundice. Partial gallstone blockage may not have all those symptoms. Usually an ultrasound ; blood tests are fairly helpful in diagnosis. Sometimes MRI is done (mrcp).
Yes. If you have known stones, they may escape the gallbladder and block the common bile duct from draining the liver and gallbladder. This is a very serious medical condition that requires immediate evaluation.
Yes. If you are having symptoms and you know you have stones you need to see your doctor. Sounds like your gall bladder needs to come out.
Possible. Then, you will be sicker than what you are describing, you will have jaundice also, see you doctor. You decide want it out or keep it and observe under clinical supervision.