Is it possible for a. Thoracic spine injury overlooked cause rapid degenerative changes in the cervical spine?

Probably not. Degenerative changes are most common in the cervical and lumbar spine. I doubt old injury to thoracic spine had any effect unless cervical spine injured at same time.
Prob not. Thoracic spine injuries do not lead to degenerative changes in the cervical spine. If you are having mid back pain and/or radiation of the pain to the front of your chest you should mention this to your doctor.
Generally if there. were any significant issues in the thoracic spine you would most likely have symptoms emanating from there that would draw a clinician's attention. That being said, some traumas can lead to non adjacent injuries to the spine that can sometimes be delayed in diagnosis but generally not because of degeneration in another region.

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Can a thoracic spine injury from a slip n fall later cause problems with the neck over a period of years?

Neck pain causes. Yes. Slip and falls can alter function which over time can lead to other chronic issues and /or degeneration. You can certainly sustain a whiplash type of injury. . Read more...
Did you injure the n. Did you injure the neck at the time? If so then yes. Very possible as the years go on the initial damage worsens and you have continued and worsening problems and thus pain. Read more...