When do symptoms of fibromyalgia start?

Varies. ? when symptoms fibromyalgia start. Sx's express months-years after causal event(s); explains elusiveness of "The Cause". Widespread painful chronic muscle spasms follow upon unstable joints, loose ligaments (some injured, some hypermobile), weight gain, pelvic childbirth injury, major joint mechanical injury, weak soft tissues (myofascia & muscles) from inactivity, plus gravity's chronic impress.
No clear age. Fibromyalgia (fms) is often considered an "old woman's" illness, even though the average age of diagnosis is now in the mid-30s. Some doctors refuse to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome (me/cfs) in young people because they're clinging to the long-outdated notion of "yuppy flu" and burnout. In reality, these illness are in no way constrained by age.

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How to know when do symptoms of fibromyalgia start or possibly can start?

Difficult. ? when fibromyalgia (FM) symptoms start. The event can be remote and forgotten. FM is a chronic soft tissue disorder aroused by repetitive gravitational stress, over time, on joints with loose & injured ligaments; from mechanical lifting & fall injuries, childbirth &/or inherited hypermobile joints. The insidious, progressive, & long-term nature of FM evolution oft shrouds causation relationships. Read more...