Got bitten by a possible rabid animal today received my 4th dose of rabies vaccine 6 days ago, do I need any more vaccine? I'm already having boosters

Not yet, 5 days. When bit by a possibly rapid animal, the animal should be quarantined by animal control. If necessary due to abnormal animal behavior, the animal shall be euthanized and the brain biopsied for rabies. This takes 48 hrs for results. You have 5 days from date of bite to start series if animal is positive for rabies. No longer.

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I already got immune g, rabies vaccine/booster Last week was when I the 4th dose. I got bitten again but this time by a rabid animal. Arnt I immunized?

Yes. In general, completion of the anti-rabies series will protect for exposures during the 2 years following completion of the series. Those in high risk professions are advised to get boosters or have an antibody titer checked to see if a booster is needed for protection to remain high. Read more...