I've never had seizures until almost a week after being involved in a car accident at work. My neurologist stated it didn't qualify as epilepsy?

Epilepsy definition. The definition of epilepsy is two or more unprovoked seizures. When an injury causes a seizure, sometimes the tendency for a seizure resolves after the injury heals. A car accident may have caused a head injury, and seizures that follow would not necessarily qualify as epilepsy. So it's a question of the cause. The treatment is normally the same though.
Not sure... I am not sure of the whole picture here since it is important to know first if they were confirmed seizures, did you have imaging studies of your brain, are you taking any medications or using any drugs that could cause this besides the accident? There are other medical issues not necessarily epilepsy (as long term illness) that can cause seizures. Discuss w/ your neurologist what caused those.
Comments. Having one solitary seizure is not yet epilepsy, but one more, then you will likely need to be treated with anti-epileptic medication. The real question is the risk of future events, and you did have your first episode within one week AFTER the event. To clarify the risk, would recommend a 3 day ambulatory EEG. Ask your doctor's advice. No driving, activities at heights, power equipment.
Review with PCP. Open the dialogue with your primary care doctor who can review and interpret the findings of the Neurology consultation. If the information is still unclear they can contact the Neurologist. Not all seizures are epilepsy.