My mom handed me a mug she doesn't have a cold sore. I have PJ bottoms on I then scratched my thigh while I have PJs on. Can I get genital herpes?

Your question. Doesn't really make a lot of sense to me. I can't quite follow it. But basically you need to know that genital herpes requires close skin to skin contact. It doesn't leap through clothing like pjs.

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Partner has cold sore and sex occurs (no oral-genital contact) is risk of genital herpes? Transfer from hands possible? How long until symptoms occur?

Herpes New Info. The way you are wording this question is almost impossible to interpret. First all sexually active adults must have a blood test to see what their herpes exposure history is. The place of the sores do not count anymore. There is no transmission of herpes from one part of one's body to another. Hsv 1 is very common and hsv 2 i much less common. Get the blood tests and then we can solve this. Read more...