Cubital tunnel syndrome involves which tendons or muscles?

Nerves. Cubital tunnel syndrome is compression of the ulnar nerve as it crosses the inside (or medial) portion of the elbow. The symptoms usually involves numbness or tingling in the medial part of the hand (4th and 5th fingers).
The ulnar nerve. Cubital tunnel syndrome is due to compression of the ulnar nerve at the elbow. Symptoms include numbness/tingling in the small and ulnar half of the ring finger, pain, and hand weakness. Extreme elbow flexion and pressure on the medial (inside) part of the elbow can exacerbate symptoms. Treatment consists of therapy, oral/injectable steroids and surgery to release and/or move the ulnar nerve.
Cubital tunnel. This is a syndrome associated with compression of the ulnar nerve behind the elbow.

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Please advise me what to do for cubital tunnel syndrome?

Depends... Cubital tunnel syndrome( ulnar nerve entrapment @ elbow) is the 2nd most common peripheral nerve comp. Of the upper extremity (carpal tunnel synd.Most common). U may try nsaids, sleeping in an elbow ext. Brace @ night( a bit cumbersome) and avoid bumping elbow , etc and time . If no improvement ulnar nerve release w/ or w/o transposition yields good results in> 90% of patients.Best of luck! Read more...