Tingling sensation then blood in urine. Passed sac 4 weeks later with white tissue. Took hCG blood test 3 weeks after was neg. Did I miscarry?

Unknown. Blood in urine is not a sign of pregnancy. I assume you passed tissue you're calling a sac vaginally, and not in your urine. Did you have a positive pregnancy test BEFORE all of this happened? If yes, you probably did miscarry. If NO, then there is no way to tell. You don't mention if you had normal periods; this information could help. Regardless, you are not pregnant now. Good luck!

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Had blood in urine, no uti. Passed sac 4 weeks later w/white tissue. Took hCG blood test 3 weeks later was neg. Had tingling sensation. Miscarriage?

Possible. What you describe is not incompatible with a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage), but would need more info and an exam to be sure. Blood, if really in urine and not from vaginal contamination, should be investigated further. Good luck and best wishes. Read more...

Had blood in urine then passed sac with white tissue 4 weeks later, took hCG blood test 3 weeks later was neg. Tingling in abdomen. Miscarriage?

Unfortunately, yes. Passing tissue and a negative hcg test mean no viable pregnancy. Please note that about 25% of early pregnancies are lost spontaneously mostly due to chromosomal defects in the fetus. Read more...