What is the likelihood of having lung cancer with a clear chest xray and normal blood work? Only real symptom is SOB but clear Echo 15 months ago

Not likely at 32. At 32, it's very unlikely that you have lung cancer. Especially if you have no weight loss, no sweats and are not coughing up any blood. If you smoke, you can further reduce your risk by quitting! There are many causes for shortness of breath, so talk to your doctor about any further evaluation you might need.
Depends on risk. Chest xrays are not good tests to rule out lung cancer and neither is blood work. But at 32 your risk of lung cancer is very low. Even a heavy smoking history would not increase your risk to the point that it was likely that you had it as a cause of shortness of breath.

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What can recurring blood in spit indicate? Chest X ray normal. 20 year old male, never smoked, no family history of lung cancer

Oral blood. Anytime there is recurrent blood in oral secretions, a thorough exam is in order. While many doctors immediately consider chest or respiratory causes, there are oral gum and tooth conditions, such as periodontal disease or gingivitis which can be the source of blood. In addition, nasal or sinus disease may result in oral blood. See your dentist, and go from there. Read more...

Normal ekg, echo, chest x-ray, blood work and stress test. Seen a pulmonologist and was cleared for ashtma etc. What would cause sob? Its not anxiety.

Not anxiety? Anxiety & panic attacks frequently cause shortness of breath, as well as many other physical symptoms. I'm glad you have such good results from your heart and lung evaluations so far. I don't know what your doctors will come to, about your situation -- but here's info about panic attacks: http://www.Mayoclinic.Com/health/panic-attacks/ds00338/dsection=symptoms. Read more...