Red pimple like bump on vagina lip. Not painful. Had a white tip but I popped it and white stuff came out?

Sebaceous cyst. It is a sebaceous or epidermoid cyst caused sometimes by inflammation of some kind. If it returns and bothers you, you can have it removed. If it begins to be painful, it may be infected and need treatment.
Herpes. If it goes away and never returns it is probably an obstructed gland or ingrown hair like you thought. If it is actually on mucousal membrane of vagina that is less likely but still possible. Herpes can cause discrete lesions but they are quite painful and typically not "one pimple". The hallmark of herpes is that the lesions return. MD can do tests to determine what it is.

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Small red pimple like bump on vagina lip. Hurts only when I touch it. Was white but I squeezed it and white stuff came out. What is it how can I help?

Cellulitis. Possibly, started out as an inflamed hair follicle and developed infection. Avoidance of tight fitting clothes help. Washing area with soap and water. You may apply antibiotic ointment to the area. However, if symptoms persist, please have it checked out by a physician. Read more...

Had a red pimple like bump on vagina lip. Painless. Had a white tip. Looks like it popped on it's on and now a scab. It's a little sore now?

Monitor. if the spot continues to get smaller, less painful, and the skin around it does not show any significant redness then it's okay to just keep an eye on it your self. Otherwise have a physician take a close look at it. Hope you feel better soon. Read more...

Small pimple like bump on vagina lip. White tip not painful and squeezed white stuff came out of it?

Prob. Sebaceous cyst. Often small pimple like areas on the vulva that can be sebaceous cysts and they don't require treatment. The white discharge can resemble cottage cheese. If there is any redness or persistent mass or discharge, a visit to the primary MD is in order. Read more...