My temperature is 98.8F and I have a little red ring around the iris of my eye. Is this Ebola? FYI I also wear contacts.

No. If you haven't been to West Africa, no worries.
No ebola. Ebola once established causes massive failure of the body including extreme headache, bleeding under the skin and in internal organs, severe discomfort, coma and death. It is very rapid. Is the red ring around your iris new? This might relate to contact overwear. See your ophthalmologist if this persists but you do not have ebola.
Africa? Have you been in Africa within the last 3 weeks? If not, it is extremely unlikely. Does light bother your eyes? Do you have eye pain? Is your vision effected? If the answer is yes then you should not wear your contacts and see an ophthalmologist.
Ebola. Ebola usually presents as non-specific symptoms such as fever, muscle pains and extreme fatigue in patients that have been exposed or in an endemic area. It is impossible to give advice regarding the little red ring in your eye without a picture See your doctor for a proper evaluation.
Doubt it. If there is no chance of you coming in contact with the virus- meaning you live in the United States, it is highly unlikely.
Ebola. Conjunctivitis or conjunctival hemorrhage is but one of many symptoms for ebola virus. If you haven't just returned from Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria ot Senegal - that really makes chances just about nil. Ebola would cause you to feel very, very ill.
No. The symptom of "red eyes" listed on the cdc and other websites refers to both eyes, not just one and it is one of the more uncommon signs of the disease. 98.8 is not a fever and unless you have had any significant exposure to anyone with the virus there is no need to worry about Ebola.