Slight heavy feeling/ache center of my chest breastbone also slight shortness of breath can feel an ache in groin to. Anxiety?

Possibly. at your your young age the likely problem with your heart as well. AS this is also very slight and you are also having some breathing problems this is suggestive of something other than a cardiac or lung disorder. The ache is the groin is unclear but unless your are very active this may also be attributed to "nerves" This is interpreted as anxiety or physical manifestations of stress. See doc.

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ECG clear chest X-ray clear spyro clear CBC clear but was on prednisone at time what could be causing my shortness of breath also aches in groin?

Possibilities. Coughing can cause groin pain. If you aren't coughing and still short of breath a rare condition of a blood clot in your lungs can cause shortness of breath. Sometimes anxiety can cause all ailments. If symptoms persist I would get rechecked by your doctor and if severe shortness of breath develops to the emergency room. Read more...