Stomach pain, pressure in lower abdomen, gas, gas pain and bloating normal before/during period?

Very common. This is not uncommon at all. There are hormonal and inflammatory changes that cause these associated GI symptoms.
Normal. These sound like typical pre and menstrual symptoms. Such pain and pressure can be annoying and debilitating. If they persist and worsen bring this question up with your gyn. Hang in there!

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Stomach growling, gas, bloating. Neg preg test and havent missed a period over a year. Have this thumping above my belly button, stomach pain, cause?

Gastroenterologist. Your symptoms may be caused by irritable bowel syndrome, gluten or lactose intolerance. I recommend a consultation with a gastroenterologist who will order appropriate studies in order to make a diagnosis and give you dietary advice as well. Read more...

I have been having severe bloating after eating faty foods, gas, chest pressure, shortness of breath, and of/on stomach pain. I am scared. : (?

More info? The first thing one thinks of is gallbladder but more info is needed. How long does it last? Anything make it better? Anything make it worse? Does it radiate to your back? Or shoulder? Have you had any surgery ? How long has it been there? Have you tried any medications? Did they work? Did you injure yourself? Pulled muscle etc? Has anyone done any studies? Cough? Fevers? Read more...