Is it normal to have a slower heart rate during menstruation? My heart rate is 60 BPM while walking around at work. I feel dizzy.

Repeat check. One change in your heart rhythm that tends to depend on the phases of your menstrual cycle is an increase in the frequency of premature ventricular contractions. In this case you may feel extra beats, or skipped beats, either in your pulse, or with your awareness of your heart beat. Either way, make an appointment with your doctor, with plans for an evaluation at the time of symptoms.
Dizziness. Some research studies (Minson et al, circulation 2000) have shown that sympathetic baroreflex sensitivity was influenced by hormonal fluctuations during the normal menstrual cycle in healthy women. so, it is possible for this to happen during your cycle. However, if you feel dizzy then you need to be evaluated as there are treatments available. you may consult one of the helathtap physicians.

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Dizziness upon standing, also a slower heart rate upon standing. Feels as if my heart has to catch up. Vision also is blurred with spots. Help please?

See your doctor. This problem has to do with circulation, and difficulty getting blood to your brain and eyes when you stand up. It is called orthostatic hypotension, and needs to be addressed by your primary care doctor. Read more...