What sensations in you legs would be symptoms of blood clots?

Swelling, calf pain. Swelling and calf pain usually. www.drlugo.com.
Pain, tenderness. Pain and/or tenderness in the leg along the path of the involved vein that can be accompanied by redness, and edema (swelling).

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I'm afraid I have a blood clot. What are symptoms of blood clots in the calf? I gave birth 9 months ago and was on bed rest for most of my pregnancy.

DVT. The most common symptoms are pain, swelling, discoloration, pain on flexing foot upward, and the feeling of rope-like blood vessel and especially if only one foot. Some of these signs and symptoms are shared by many problems. If you have the risk, go to your doctor and be diagnosed fast, as the complication of pulmonary embolus can be devastating. Read more...