How to manage laxatives for a totally dependent lazy bowel with constipation. Diagnosed with Crohn's three months ago, meds did not help at all.

Specific Carb. Diet- You need to start- SCD- Specific carbohydrate diet which consists of eating only monosaccarides & total avoidance of complex carbs- polysaccharides. Read "Breaking The Vicious Cycle" by Elaine Gottschall which will give you all the answers. like Paleolithic diet & google & see all the testimonials.

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I have very lazy bowel movement and constipation for 7 months, dependent on laxatives. Taking Crohn's medic. For three months but didn't help? Advice

Need more info. I assume you are consulting with a gastroenterologist. Crohn's is sometimes difficult to treat I would advise to see him/her or see another gastroenterologist for a second opinion. Read more...