Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis besides discharge?

Odor. The classic symptoms are a "fishy" odor and a thin grayish-white vaginal discharge. It doesn't usually cause itching or irritation. Sometimes women can have BV and not be aware of any symptoms.

Related Questions

Is bacterial vaginosis discharge thick, white, and chunky?

Likely yeast. A vaginal discharge that is thick, white and chunky - like cottage cheese - is usually a yeast infection. The vaginal discharge with bacterial vaginosis is usually more thin and grey, sometimes frothy. They are treated differently so it is important to know which it is a woman has. Both can have itching and irritation. Read more...

Is this bacterial vaginosis if you have a mild discharge but have odor?

Probably. A "fishy" odor is the single most diagnostic symptom of bv, even if there is no discharge. But other things can cause odor as well, such as a retained tampon or yeast with it's "yeasty" odor. Your doctor can confirm if the odor is due to bv. Read more...