What is congenital glaucoma?

At birth. Inherited glaucoma present at birth due to a developmental problem with the drain of the eye, typically presenting with tearing, light sensitivity, and eyelid spasms.
From birth. Glaucoma is a condition where there is increased pressure in the eye. If it is not treated it can cause a loss of vision. Glaucoma usually occurs in people as they get older. Congenital glaucoma means that you were born with the condition.

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Can you live a productive life if you have congenital glaucoma?

Glaucoma. Yes. Many afflicted people with congenital glaucoma can lead very productive lives. There may be some limitations if eyesight is affected, but often adaptation and training can facilitate their ability to carrying on functional lives.

What is the definition or description of: primary congenital glaucoma?

. Primary refers to no other secondary cause of the glaucoma; such as trauma, medicine induced, pigment dispersion. Congenital, meaning from birth, often genetic in origin.
Congenital Glaucoma. Primary congenital glaucoma is a form of elevated pressure in one or both eyes which presents at birth or shortly thereafter. Symptoms include light sensitivity and tearing and signs include the above plus closure of the eyes. On examination the corneas may be enlarged and the optic nerves may be damaged. Early diagnosis is essential and treatment is surgical.

How to treat congenital glaucoma?

Usually Surgery. Most cases of congenital glaucoma will ultimately require surgery either by a pediatric ophthalmologist or glaucoma specialist. Sometimes medications are tried first if pressure is not too high and damage is minimal. Most babies will require an exam under anesthesia in order to evaluate the condition.
See a specialist. The book answer is typically surgery (medications to bridge the gap until surgery) but whatever it takes to lower pressure to save the nerve health with least side effects.
A comprehensive. 2011 update on treatment of congenital glaucoma, including results of studies on efficacy of medications & surgery to reduce intra-ocular pressure in affected children is at http://www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pmc/articles/pmc3038500/. By law, each us state has an early intervention program for developmental services, including access to therapists who specialize in helping infants with low vision.

Can there be any cure for congenital glaucoma by birth?

No. At this time there is no cure for any type of glaucoma. It can be controlled, however with medicine, laser or surgery.
No. There is no cure for congenital glaucoma but the are medications and surgical procedures which can halt or slow down the progression of the disease. Congenital glaucoma can be more difficult to treat than other more common types of glaucoma. An enlarged cornea or atypical iris and pupil can be early signs of congenital glaucoma.
Define by birth. Do you mean knowing in advance the problem so the child is born without the condition? Or just post birth treatment. There is treatment and some times cure depending upon the type of glaucoma.

Please let me know if there is any cure for congenital glaucoma by birth?

Possibly. There are a number of causes for congenital glaucoma. Depending on what the underlying problem is, there indeed may be treatment. It is very important to get a pediatric opthalmologist involved asap as they can guide both diagnosis and treatment. Every day you delay puts your child's vision at more risk.
No cure. Unfortunately there is no cure for congenital glaucoma, or any glaucoma for that matter. However there is treatment that could be in the form of either drops, medications, or surgery that can greatly help reduce high eye pressure and preserve vision.

My father had normal tension glaucoma. Is it possible for me to have congenital glaucoma? (i'm 30 years old)

Possibly. Family history of open-angle glaucoma is a significant risk factor in many studies. It is quoted to be between 2-3 times risk for someone who has an affected parent or sibling. An opthamologist would be an excellent resource for you to see.
GLAUCOMA. It is not congenital. There is increase intraocular pressure in the eye.
Not now. Unless you've been diagnosed as an infant, you are not going to get congenital glaucoma now. You do have rushdie glaucoma as you age and with a positive family history and you have diabetes.. Best advice is to have regular eye exams to reassure your eye health is maintained.

I have congenital glaucoma, is it safe for me to take Trazodone for my insomnia?

No problem. Trazodone should not worsen your glaucoma. Hope it works for your insomnia!
Trazodone in Glaucom. Caution, since Trazodone causes blurred vision & increases intraocular pressure. Discuss wit your doctor first.

I've been taking Dorzolamide and Latanoprost for congenital glaucoma for 12 years, will I be on these eye drops the rest of my life?

Maybe. This question is not able to be answered with the info present. You may be helped by some surgery so the opthalmologist needs to comment. There are always advance or maybe new drugs. I know this is a pain but better than a loss of sight.