Can hand and fingers be affected from shoulder subluxation?

Yes. Straining muscles involved with typing by keeping them in wrong position instead of relaxed hands and wrist cocked slightly at wrist, and not 29 inches off the ground sitting on a proper chair. Or it may not be the typing. Doofus u have any heart disease? Always keep open mind about what is going on. A good diagnostician is constantly doing this as she/he heard the story.
Yes a common. Symptom of shoulder subluxation is numbness and tingling in hand. This is very well described. One test that your physician may perform is to try to create the feeling that your shoulder is going to sublux called and apprehension test. It is in this position i want often feels numbness and tingling in the hand.

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Extreme hand pain in palm & index finger knuckle. Mri 6 mos ago read 5 mm volar subluxation of proximal phalanx. Is that anything of concern?

Yes that could be. Most likely this is due to arthritis. However if you have had any injury it could represent ligament or tendon damage. You should see an orthopedic hand specialist. Read more...
Subluxation of a . Proximal phalanx at the mcl joint may be associated with an inflammatory arthritis or an injury to that joint. Typically the index an middle fingers are affected first in inflamm arthritic findings in the hand vs the little and ring. Mri is sometmes is innacurate or over read as well. A rheumatologist or hand surgeon may add insight. Read more...