Is it possible for a man to chronic fatigue syndrome? I do have sleep apnea and struggle with my cpap machine, but fatigue seems to be getting worse.

Chronic Fatigue. Sydrome (CFS) is a complicated disorder characterized by extreme fatigue that can't be explained by any underlying medical condition and to date has no known specific cause. Sleep apnea and any chronic condition including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and depression can all cause fatigue. Please discuss with your doctor. Refer to,
Yes, it is possible. You have several reasons to suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. I would start by speaking with your sleep apnea specialist regarding titrating, or optimizing, the settings on your cpap machine. This should be done at least every 2 years and especially if you begin having new symptoms.
Start with CPAP. If you know that you have sleep apnea, I would work with the medical supply store and your specialist to find a mask that works well for you to maximize your CPAP and then see how your fatigue improves.
Fatigue. Daytime sleepiness and fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of sleep apnea. It is usually the presenting sign that leads to further testing. Addressing the sleep apnea first would be the best step moving forward before trying other treatments. .
Chronic Fatigue. Yes. The EBV virus that has been linked in past to "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" is not particular to male or female. You also describe other reasons for fatigue with Sleep apnea. There are newer machines that work very well.

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Why does diagnosis of sleep apnea exclude diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Especially in cases where CPAP fails to remit daytime sleepiness and lassitude,

Sleep apnea. You ask a tough question. It seems you are not responding well to CPAP and are not sleeping all that well. I would start by going back soon to the pulmonologist and let him/her know what is not working well for you. Things may not happen overnight but the team will work diligently with you so that things come in to order. Please let me know how things work out. Read more...
It doesn't but. Since sleep apnea alone is associated with fatigue, one needs to make sure that this is treated adequately. However, having one condition does not preclude one from having another. Read more...

I have mild sleep apnea and the cpap machine hasn't improved my symptoms. I still wake up tired, unrefreshed, and fatigued. What could be causing this?

See below. please see your pulmonologist it could be something as simple as readjusting your pressure support on your machine. The other consideration is Pristiq (desvenlafaxine) causes insomnia and fatigue is one of its side effects.I have a you patients have suffered from this. Please see your doctor for follow up it's important. Read more...

Possible chronic fatigue syndrome and noticeable REM rebound on sleep apnea treatment. Will taking antidepressants aggravate symptoms of both?

REM Rebound. Rem rebound is common when treatment for sleep apnea is started. Antidepressants will sometimes decrease rem sleep. They will not worsen rem rebound. They may indeed be helpful in chronic fatigue. It is also possible that your chronic fatigue may improve with sleep apnea treatment. A lot depends upon whether your fatigue is physical tiredness or sleepiness. Best wishes to you and i hope you feel better soon. Read more...