Whats a type 1 shellfish allergy?

IgE mediated. Allergic reactions that are type i are mediated by the allergic antibody ige. That means they can be diagnosed using a skin or blood test for ige. They are immediate reactions with symptoms occurring within minutes to hours after exposure. Symptoms can be hives, swelling, anaphylaxis, asthma, etc.
Immediate. A type 1 hypersensitivity is an immediate type reaction. That is the typical type of allergy to shellfish.

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If I have a shellfish allergy what types of seafood can I eat?

Shell less fish. Examples of fish or seafood that you could eat: tuna, salmon, herring, all other types of fish with scales. Avoid seafood that has shells or hard cases: oyster, clam, lobster, shrimp. Read more...