How do I get over the shame of multiple psych treatments?

Try to reframe. It is true that mental disorders continue to have a stigma few other disorders do. It's getting better, but it's still a reality. Look into let's end the stigma, a wondeful organization tackling this issue in high schools. The national alliance for the mentally ill (nami) also can be a useful resource. Change starts with refusing to accept this idea that this is your "fault" somehow.
Shame. Shame is just about the darkest emotion people can face. It presupposes that there's an audience to our alleged wrongdoings, and that devastating judgement will be passed. Something to remember is that everyone has something they feel ashamed about; it's inescapable. Find a reputable psychotherapist to speak with. Getting it off one's chest in a safe, nonjudgmental place is the first step.
Increase awareness. A mental disorder is a health problem, just like diabetes or a rash. There is nothing dishonorable about taking care of your health. Consequently, being ashamed of yourself for having a health problem and getting it treated is not necessary. Carry on!
Shame ; Pride. You got help that is something to be proud of not ashamed.Those people around that have troubles and do not seek help they are the problem.There's always a possibility that you did not have good treatment and that is unfortunate. I suggest this video: http://m.Youtube.Com/watch?Autoplay=1;v=wt_h0ro26lw;desktop_uri=%252fwatch%253fv%253dwt_h0ro26lw%2526autoplay%253d1.