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How does left heart failure lead to right heart failure or chf?

Left heart failure. Left ventricle is the main pumping chamber of the heart and damage to that chamber either from a heart attack or a cardiomyopathy can lead to heart failure. Congestive heart failure is a condition where the heart cannot pump the blood delivered to it and backs up into the lungs causing shortness of breath. This can be caused by left heart failure, and can also lead to both chambers failing.

I have one papvr and nothing else. Can this lead to right heart failure? My rv is, mildly enlarged, but the function, and flow is normal. Lv normal. Help

PAPVR. In adulthood, no symptoms & no additional abnormalities do not require treatment. The amt of physiologic abn in turn determine severity of symptoms. Ur likelihood of developing PHTN/RH failure is dependent on degree of the shunt - >1.5-2.0. Generally if the RV is dilated that is indicative of increased RH volume and a shunt >1.5. What studies were performed?

Would one papvr with no other abnormalities in the heart lead to right heart failure? My rv enlarged but normal function and, pressure. Lv normal too.

It is possible. You have elevated pulmonary vascular resistance. Though your RV function is normal it is enlarged. You may want to find out why you pulmonary vascular resistance is elevated. Do you have have a condition that is increasing your pulmonary blood flow? Are you having silent pulmonary embolism that is decreasing the size of your pulmonary vascular bed? Both conditions can raise your pulmonary vascular.