What is survival rate for renal cancer?

Depends on stage. Best answer will come from review of patient specifics with treating urologist.
Depends upon type, Size ; if cancer has spread, if so where i.E just locally, to lymph nodes, into blood vessels or distant metastases. Also prognosis depends upon cell type ; how aggessive. Rcc most common. Transitional cell cancer, if caught early has reasonable prognosis. Sarcomas have a poor prognosis. Cancer in cyst tends to havebetter prognosis. Wilms tumors in kids w favorable cell type have good chance 4cure.

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Renal cancer survival rates at 5 years?

Renal cell ca. In general-- stage I kidney cancer-- a 5-year survival rate over 90 % stage 2 - a five-year survival rates ranging from 75 to 95 % stage 3 - ranges from ranges from 46 to 70 % the median survival for patients with stage IV disease is 16 to 20 months in contemporary studies -with 5 year survival less than 10%.

What is the survival rate of a person diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer?

Low. Unfortunately, advanced kidney cancer (ie, "stage iv") has a low survival rate at the 5 and 10 year benchmarks. In rare cases might prolonged remissions be obtained with aggressive therapy, but 5 year survival for stage IV rcc would be in the low single digits (< 5%).
D/w your oncologist. In general, the median overall survival of stage 4 kidney cancer will be around 16 to 20 months- with a 5 year overall survival of less than 10%. If eligible for il-2, in selected cases, (will depend on the location of metastases, the type of cancer cells, how much metastases, other prognostic factors- overall condition etc) - il-2, can give dramatic and durable responses. D/w your md.

My mother has kidney cancer which spread to the bone causing her arm to break. Now there's tumours on her hip and spine. What's her survival rate plea?

We all die. Her prognosis with widespread metastasis is not good. Other fractures and pain are disabling. Lung and brain metastasis is also common with renal cancer. Enjoy every day with her that you can!
Kidney cancer. Your mother, unfortunately, appears to have metstatic spread of her kidney cancer. The best person to ask about her survival is her urologist or her oncologist. They would be able to give a much more informed prognosis than any one else.
Variable but new txs. Fortunately there are new therapies that are showing a lot of promise for metastatic renal cell cancer that are more effective than past chemotherapies. Overall prognosis depends on her performance status and how much she is able to do herself currently. Pathologic fractures are not good but arms are better than legs or hops which would make her bedridden. Oncologist has stats and can discuss mor.

How many survivors of renal cancer?

See figures below. In 2012, in the us, there are expected to be about 65, 000 new cases of renal cancer and about 13, 500 deaths.

Can one be screened for renal cancer?

Yes. Screening for renal cancer is not done routinely on every body, like breast, or prostate cancer, unless there is strong suspicion for it, like blood in urine, abnormal cells, pain, feeling a mass very strong family history, or detecting mass it in a ct done for some thing else.

What's longest live stage 4 renal cancer?

Variable. There are many types of renal cancer, with different outcomes. As your are 37 years old, renal cell carcinoma may be the type you are most interested in. Although not common, some individuals with stage 4 renal cell carcinoma have had prolonged (many years) of good quality life after diagnosis. I would recommend discussion with an oncologist about options for treatment.

What do I do if my dad have renal cancer? Please, need some answers?

Have him treated. Renal cancer is a kidney tumor best handled by surgery. If the tumor is small and in the upper or lower poles, partially nephrectomy can be performed. If metastatic there are newer tyrosine kinase drugs that will control the lesion. Renal Ca is not hereditary and will not be passed on to family members.