Is polyethylene and propylene glycol the same?

NO! Polyethylene glycol is found in polyesters, but propylene glycol is an organic alcohol found in some cosmetics.

Related Questions

Can I use lubricating drops (polyethylene glycol & propylene glycol) for eye irrigaton?

Yes, but... be sure the lubricating drops are meant for use in the eye. The label should so indicate.
Not what they're. Meant for. Eye irrigation is to usually remove small particles that are stuck. The lubricating drops are for dry eyes.

My doc gave me normo tears drop comp : polyethylene glycol 400 nf, propylene glycol ip for removing the foreign body from the eyes. Will it helpful?

Maybe not. This is a good lubricating drop and may make your eye more comfortable. But it will not loosen an embedded foreign body. If it does not wash out overnight, see an ophthalmologist for removal.
Maybe. If the foreign body is not embedded inthe cornea they could be helpful. If the foreign body is embedded you will need to see ophthalmologist for removal.