I am interested in seeing someone in podiatry and need specialty information?

See the APMA. Podiatry is the study of the foot and ankle. You can get much more information from the apma (american podiatric medical association.
Internet search. You can check apma.Org to find a local podiatrist and educate yourself about a what a podiatris can do for you, or do an internet search for podiatrist with your local zip code.
Find a Podiatrist. There is a great tool to find a podiatrist at www.Apma.Org.
Today's Podiatrist. ...Is most often a surgically trained foot and ankle provider that cares for any and all ailments that affect the human foot and ankle. We undergo specialty board certification and residency training. Visit apma.Org or acfas.Org for more information.
I don't understand . What your question is. Are you seeking information about the specialty of Podiatry or specific information about yourself and how it pertains to what a podiatrist can do for you?