3 days ago since my lower left wisdom tooth has been extracted, its still swollen at still cant open my mouth wide, what should I do? Hard to eat

Call DENTIST. After the removal of wisdom teeth swelling of the gums and local pain is normal it should be improving. If the Symptoms Are More Than This the Postop Advice Given Is to Call or Contact Your Dentist Office They Will Be Happy to Give You Further Advice.
Wisdom tooth recover. It can take up to several days for recovery after extraction. If you don't have a fever, foul smell in your mouth, increase in pain, worsening swelling chances are you are just experiencing a slower recovery. Watch for these signs. In the mean time drink lots of fluids and how about eating some shakes and protein drinks?
It is normal. and very common after tooth extraction. Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure and is not completely risk-free. Pain, swelling, bad breath and infection following surgery is usually at its worst 24 – 48 hours after surgery. After that it should subside more and more every day and after 7 days stop. Follow your surgeons' instructions. Good luck.
Wisdom tooth. Make sure you are following the surgeon's post-op instructions. Swelling is not unusual after an extraction, especially if bone was removed. Call the surgeon, relate your problem, and follow their advice.
Time. Usually it takes several days to get over the pain as well as the swelling going down. It is possible that there is an infection so I would call the dentist or oral surgeon involved. The mouth opening will come but the swelling can expand into or be referred the jaw joint. You can use some warm salt water rinses to help calm the swelling. Use this about three times per day. Take liquids. Use advi.
Could be infected. See your dentist to check.