What is the treatment for blocked parotid gland?

Stimulate Salivation. 1. Push oral fluids 2. Warmth and massage to the gland 3. Squirt lemon juice into your mouth about every 30 minutes to stimulate salivation. Can also use a very sour sugarless gum.
Medical or surgical. Stay hydrated = #1. Can use sialogogues (sour foods) to stimulate saliva, massage of gland, warm compresses and sometime antibiotics. A minimally invasive procedure "sialendoscopy" can be performed to let the surgeon see inside the duct and rinse out salivary "sludge" and endoscopically retrieve small stones if present. Rarely you would have to have the gland removed.
Surgery can help. If the conservative measures fail, minimally invasive sialendoscopy can help in certain situations.

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Parotid gland abscess treatment in children?

Hospitalization. This is often treated with incision and drainage with accompanying intravenous antibiotics.
Infected cyst? Certainly you can get an abscess of the parotid gland, which usually is a lymph node inside the gland that gets infected and then abscessed. But when you have a child with the issue, you need to consider that they have a cyst that was infected, namely a type 1 branchial cleft cyst. Alternatively, a lymphatic malformation that gets infected can do this. Consider seeing a pediatric ENT for this.

For this type of cancer: parotid gland cancer, high-grade, what are the treatment options?

Depends on the stage. Treatment would depend on the stage. Parotid cancer, in general, as much as possible- (if possible) -surgical resection for curative intent would be the best modality. Other modalities used include chemotherapy and radiation therapy. However, need to be aware that parotid cancer is not a very sensitive cancer to chemotherapy nor to radiation therapy. Discuss further with your oncologist. H.
Parotid tumors. Need excision. The facial nerve runs through it, and great effort is made to preserve it, but drooped face is better than positive margin. Most hi grade need xrt. Preserving the other parotid helps prevent dry mouth. Data proving chemo benefit is quite thin. I wold not take it for me.

Hello, I have benign cyst on my neck and it is about parotid gland, is surgery is the only treatment? If so then how safe or complicated is surgery?

Parotid gland cyst. Parotid gland cyst can be excised by meticulous surgery without causing damage to the gland. Your surgeon can tell you based on the size and if there are any contraindications for the surgery.

What is the treatment for painless lump on left cheek beside the ear? Xray says it's connected to the parotid gland. Is there medication for it?

Parotitis. Parotitis is an inflammation of the parotid glands (salivary glands on either side of the face). The parotid gland is the salivary gland most commonly affected by inflammation (and staph and strep are the most common bacterial). Stones can also block the duct-work system inside (just like kidney stones can block urinary systems). You doctor should decide whether or not antibiotics are needed.

Info on a narrowed parotid gland duct? My friends two year old has this, none of the drs around here have seen it, and don't know what to do about it.

Children's hospital. I would suggest taking the child to the nearest children's hospital for evaluation. A narrowed parotid gland duct opening can be relieved by increasing water intact, massaging the cheeks or a procedure where a tiny tube or balloon is inserted to widen the duct. You nearest children's hospital should have no trouble treating this condition.
See a Peds ENT. Unless he had a test where a dye was placed into the duct, I am not sure how this was diagnosed. With that said, recurrent parotitis of childhood is something pediatric ents often treat, and if it happens repeatedly he may be a candidate for sialendoscopy of the gland and duct to help prevent recurrences. Staying hydrated is a key to prevention of flares.

Iam wake up with a parotid gland swelling and little pain in the morning is it hiv? Only in morning (10min) I don't have any other symptoms.

No. Parotid gland swelling by itself is not a sign of hiv. If it is indeed the parotid gland, and it intermittently swells, it could be an obstruction in the duct of the gland.

What is the definition or description of: parotid gland?

Parotid gland. There are two such glands one in front of each ear. They are the largest saliva producing glands and produce around 75% of the saliva when you eat.