How do I take my glaucoma eye drops?

Eye drop administrat. It is important to understand that if a drop enters the eye space at any location, it will spread over the whole eye with the first blink. You do not need to aim for the center or some special location. The blink removes any excess - drops are calibrated so that what is left after one blink is the proper amount for activity. Forget what rolled down your cheek.
Drop administration. Addendum to dr. Chung. Drops like the prostaglandin inhibitors literally have a one month supply contained. If a patient administers two drops per administration, they will not have enough for the month and most insurances allow only one refill per month. My advice; carefully use only one drop as much as possible.
Glaucoma drops. Tilt your head back while seated or lay down. Hold the bottle above your eye, approximately one inch, look up slightly and squeeze the bottle to release one or two drops into your eye. You will feel moisture in your eye.
Watch videos. There are several videos on youtube demonstrating proper and varying techniques for instilling eyedrops. Best to steady yourself, let gravity help you, don't touch the bottle tip to the eye, and only let 1 drop come out since that is already plenty for the size of the tear lake. Close your eyes after to help the drop to absorb into the eye, and space drops apart.