What can I do for poison ivy or poison oak. Got Medicean from the dr but I think it's getting worse. It has spread up my leg an is very swollen?

Get it seen by a doc. The problem in this scenario, is that without seeing what is going on with your leg, the process can be either a dermatologic reaction to the poison ivy or oak (then steroids are ok), or more seriously, a secondary bacterial infection causing cellulitis due to scratching the typically itchy rash caused by the plants (then antibiotics are needed).
What medicine? It is important to know what medicine was prescribed. It sounds like you may have been given a topical steroid and a antihistamine that is not controlling the rash. You probably need an oral steroid. If you are given that kind of medicine & if you are diabetic your blood sugar may rise.
Typically if it is. all over, you may need oral steroids. The way the resin from the plant spreads is actually through your nails, so cut them short and scrub them. Try soaking in tub with aluminum acetate to dry out blisters, apply topical steroid I am sure your doctor gave you after soaking 10 min at least twice aday and call doc for oral steroids if not getting better in next 24 hours.
What is medicean???? In California you have poison oak, not ivy. It is not a poison and not an oak! The plant makes an oil which causes allergic reactions. It may take 3 weeks to see all the places it got on your skin. It is not contagious. Begin with accurate diagnosis. Clobetasol gel prescription is one of several treatments to make it itch less + heal faster.
More Serious. You have more than just a simple reaction to something. Please go to the ER or urgent care today. Or at least page your doctor on call for instructions. You have a treatment failure and are getting worse.