What are the signs of nasopharyngeal cancer?

Several. The most common presenting sign is a neck mass (which means that the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes). Some other signs are fluid in one ear, nasal obstruction or bleeding, problems with eye movement on one side, and difficulty swallowing. If there is concern please see your doctor asap! an ENT doctor or head and neck cancer surgeon can help.
Nasal obstruction. Unilateral nasal obstruction or epistaxis (bleeding), and unilateral serous otitis media are the main symptoms/signs of this. Oral cavity cancers present as nonhealing ulcers that can be painful, . Oropharyngeal cancers can have sore throat and otalgia (ear pain) late in their course. Hoarseness can be an early sign in laryngeal cancer. Painless hard lymph node enlargement can rarely be seen.