Symptoms of Intervertebral disc displacement lumbar w/o myelopathy?

And the question IS? I'm afraid your question mark should really be a comma if anything. I'm not catching your drift. Are you asking for a list of symptoms associated with IVD disease without myelopathy....or if one could even exist without the other? Perhaps, you're copying something out of a report? Revamp your question and send through again.
Variable. Some people with lumbar intervertebral disc hernias without myelopathy (spinal cord lesions) experience no symptoms. Some may experience severe lumbar spinal pain with pain, tingling and weakness into a leg as the herniated disc irritates or compresses a nerve root. Others may experience symptoms intermediate to the two extremes. Any individual response is variable and depends upon many factors.
Herniated disc. Lumbar discs can herniate (slip) due to several reasons, main ones being lifting while bending down, sudden jerky motion etc. Usually if a disc does not pinch a nerve, it will cause back pain with no radiation (unless the damage is minimal). If it causes inflammation in the surrounding tissue it can cause nerve root irritation which causes pain down the leg, tingling and numbness come after.
Herniated disc. This is a report from an MRI or CT scan which describes a herniated disc in the spine which is not compressing the spinal cord. This is not a symptom and without more information I can not give you additional insight into your problem.