Have chronic constipation, bloated, thin stools and severe gut pain...ER found no evidence of gallstones. Crohns? Bowel obstruction?

See gastroenterologi. You will need a colonoscopy to make sure you are not obstructed and rule out colitis. Possibilities include spastic colon, obstructive process or inflammatory process. Later usually causes diarrhea. Try increasing fiber and fluid plus osmotic agent like polyethyline glycol (Miralax). If those do not work, try Amitiza (lubiprostone) or Linzess.
Irritable bowel. As you can see - ED is not the place to find out if you have a chronic condition. WIth symptoms like this you should bee seeing a primary care doc who can run your symptoms to ground. Sounds like you have irritable bowel disease constipation predominant. Unlikely to have Crohn's or bowel obstruction but may be reasonable to undergo colonoscopy. Talk with your regular doctor.

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