Can a percutaneous liver biopsy cause bilateral pleural effusions and ascites?

Not likely. Most likely the liver condition that you suffer from is at the root of your pleural effusions and ascites. A paracentesis- an abdominal tap or a thoracentesis, a pleural tap might help in better understanding their etiology.
No. These would be signs of liver and maybe coexisting heart failure. The biopsy was likely done to confirm liver damage and cirrhosis due to alcohol, hepatitis or other primary cause of liver damage. Risks of biopsy would be infection and bleeding predominantly. Was the biopsy guided by ultrasound or fluoroscopy?
No. it sounds like the liver itself is having problems which can cause effusions and ascites. the liver biopsy was done in attempt to determine the cause/severity but didn't cause the problem.
No, a percutaneous liver biopsy would not cause ascites and pleural effusions. If you have cirrhosis or other generalized liver dysfunction, that could be the cause.

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Bilateral pleural effusions and some ascites that was not there previously following a percutaneous liver bx. What exactly would be the cause?

Some malignancy. Not many lesions of the thoracic cage such as lung produce bilateral pleural effusion, some ascites and a metastatic focus in the liver. The most common abdominal lesion to behave in this fashion is ovarian Ca with metastasis. If you are not aware of a primary, liver bx and PET/CAT should resolve the issue so that proper treatment can be initiated. Read more...