If depressed, will the effect transfer to my partner, resulting in lack of pleasure for her?

Very likely. It is hard to see someone you care about being depressed. The family member may feel helpless about inability to get the loved one out of depression. The family member may also feel guilty about enjoying things that he/she likes to do, so losing the pleasure of doing things that he/she used to enjoy.

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I am experiencing feeling depressed (quality: feelings of despair, feelings of worthlessness) and feeling anxious (worsened by: psychological stress). The following also describe me: Sadness, Mood swings, Lack of pleasure, Insomnia, and Apathy. What sh

You can. Start w a medical eval. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or insight oriented psychotherapy can help. Don't isolate. Spend time w people. Use your support system. Get out. Don’t stagnate at home. Get at least 8 hours of sleep/night & eat healthfully. Daily aerobic physical activity is a big +. Try acupuncture, tai chi, qi gong, yoga or meditation. Recommend the “Feeling Good Book" by Dr. David Burns.
Counseling. Assuming there's nothing medical going on, for consideration of which you may want to visit a medical doctor, then a visit with a psychologist/therapist/counselor would be wise. You may need help with elucidating the cause of this anxiety and depression and developing coping mechanisms.
You need. Professional help, see a psychiatrist for evaluation, you can use HealthTap as a start, but ultimately, if you need medications, you will need to see a psychiatrist in person, good luck.