How can I reduce my high blood pressure with exercise while avoiding prescription medication?

Exercise and BP. In order to get a cardiovascular benefit from exercise you need to do aerobic exercise for a minimum of twenty minutes in a row for at least three times per week. More is better in this respect, so if you can do more either in number of days or duration then you should. Not only will you lower your blood pressure, you will strengthen your muscles and your heart.

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How do I reduce my high blood pressure while avoiding prescription medication?

Blood Pressure Mx. Lifestyle changes such as losing weight, exercising regularly, decreasing sodium (salt) intake, avoiding alcohol and excessive stimulants such as caffeine, getting enough sleep, treating sleep apnea if present all help. However, blood pressure tends to rise gradually with age, so be prepared to take some medicines in needed to prevent stroke, heart attack, heart or kidney failure, etc.

Can you reduce high blood pressure without medication?

Sometimes. The dash diet (google it) (it should be a lifestyle, not a diet, because diets are temporary) may reduce BP by 5-8 mm hg (points). Some drastic improvements in lifestyle (dash, wt loss, quit alcohol) may make meds unnecessary, but in some patients, BP will require medicine to get to safe level even with a healthy lifestyle.
Sometimes. Lifestyle modification including weight loss, low salt diet, exercise, alcohol in moderation are essential first steps and at times can prevent the need for medications.

What can be done to reduce high blood pressure without medication?

Reduce salt intake. I.E. Eliminate as much salt as u can from youe diet. Most fast foods, all prepared frozen meals, cans or packets of soup, instant noodles, soy sauce etc., all have high salt content for taste. Start checking all foods for salt content. Try & avoid stress. In spite of this you may require a simple inexpensive medication with few side effects such as hydrochlorthiazide.

How can you control high blood pressure without medication?

Yes. Lifestyle modification including increased exercise, weight loss and sodium restriction can all be helpful on controlling blood pressure. There also a specific diet called dash dietary approach stop hypertension which has been well studied.

What can be done for high blood pressure besides medication?

Many approaches. There are many different approaches to high blood pressure (HTN) besides medications. These include weightloss, stop smoking, drink less than 3 drinks of alcohol per day, exercise and live a physically active life, eat a balanced diet, cut down on salt, keep caffeine at 2 cups per day, relaxation and control stressors, prayer and meditation. If not controlled definitely consider medications.

Could you tell me what are some effective high blood pressure medications?

Not clear question. Your question is not clear. Please define your question specifically.
Blood pressure. There are many effective antihypertensive meds including diuretics, beta blockers, Alpha blockers, calcium channel blockers, and a variety of direct vascular inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and others also.