Plz help me, my sister is pregnant, her hsv1 IgG negative, igm positive. Is there any chance to get a healthybaby. Doctor diag hsv1 in lips not in genital?

Yes. The baby will unlikely be affected by the Herpes Type I infection your sister has now. Many people are exposed and have herpetic lesions on the mouth and lips. The greatest risk of newborn HSV infection is transmitting the virus through the birth canal when the mother has genital HSV. The risk is lower prior to delivery.
HSV1 and pregnancy. I would think so, but read below:
HSV. As long as baby does not pass through an infected birth canal ( she does not have any HSV infection in the vagina), baby is safe.

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Sis s pregnant. Hsv1 IgG -ve, igm +ve. Primary infection. Doc diag hsv1 in lips not genital. Does IgM cross placenta? Is der any chance to hve healthybaby?

Yes & possible. Herpes simplex can affect the fetus, especially if it's contracted during the third trimester Since you sis's IgM was positive but IgG negative, it suggests she recently acquired the virus. She is very close to the third trimester. Treatment with Valtrex (valacyclovir) is pretty safe by 21 weeks and may reduce the chance of transmission of the virus to her baby. It should be considered. Read more...