Hi doctori have bumps of red spots on my back of the tongue?

Bumps on tongue. This may be the normal appearance of your tongue papillae or lingual tonsils especially if you don't have any symptoms or discomfort. If you smoke, stop. If the bumps are tender or worrisome see your doctor.
Inflammation. the taste buds at the back of the tongue can increase in size due to inflammation, irritations, or chemical reaction. Brushing your teeth and tongue as well as using mouthwashes can help reduce them. They usually decrease in size over a few drays. If increase pain or irritation go t your provider o be seen. If not bumps but red spots go see the provider for culture or other tests.

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Rash on back. Red flat circles/spots/patches. Doesn't itch or burn. Wondering what's wrong and how to treat it?

Dermatologist. A physician or dermatologist would have to inspect your back in order to make a diagnosis. A common cause of this type of rash is a chronic fungus infection called tinea versicola which,if present, requires specific treatment with an antifungal cream. Read more...

2yo mild fever & next day rash on back. It went away then went on cheek and now seems to disappear then appear new spot Dots on mouth too what is it?

Rash description is. too general, and if it moves from one location to another in less than a day, may be hives or heat rash. Lesions in the mouth are often found with a coxsackie virus referred to as "hand -foot-mouth" virus, but then there are lesions on hands and feet as well. If rash looks like a sunburn on chest, axilla and groin, it could be strep and child should be seen. Othewise, OK to observe a few days. Read more...