6wks, spotting a week, elongated sac not round on US, looked full of blood (no yolk visible) fetal pole no heartbeat but right size. Any chance?

Possibly. Do you know the actual measurements ?There is a guideline that can be used called the 5-10-20 Rule for Crown Rump Lengths and Gestational Sacs > if  you have 5mm CRL you should see heart beat, this should be by/at 6 weeks >if you have 10mm GS, you should see a yolk sac, if not then nonviable >if you have 20mm GS, you should see a fetal pole, if not then nonviable. Again these just guidelines. .
Ominous. The findings of a deformed gestational sac with internal echos and no heart beat is ominous. However, tests are not perfect. I suggest you have the test repeated in one to two weeks.