Can anyone tell me about goldenhar syndrome and effects?

Yes. Goldenhar is a congen ital abnormality affecting growth of the ears. Palate and mandible. Children may have small ears, cleft palate and/or deficient mandible. The majority of these deefcts if symptomatic can be addressed by maxillo facial surgery.

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Can anyone tell me about goldenhar syndrome characteristics?

Facial anomolies. Incomplete development of the ear, nose, mandible, soft palate and/or lip. Usually these defects are only on one side of the body.
Multiple congenital. Anomalies occur in oculoauriculovertebral spectrum. Unilateral external ear deformity ranges from absence to microtia (small ear), middle ear abnormality with some degree of hearing loss, hemifacial microsomia (small size of one side), macrostomia (large mouth), microphthalmia (small eye), vertebral abnormalities. Some have heart & kidney defects. 10% have intellectual disability.

Could you tell me about goldenhar syndrome?

Yes, but why? It is a benign epibulbar dermoid of the sclera, cartilaginous ear tags and usually microtia, underdevelopment of the nose, soft palate and lip on the same side as the dermoid, as well as underdeveloped mandible on that side, Belgian ophthalmologist Maurice Goldenhar documented the association in 1952. It is now known to be a partial form of Oculo-auriculo-vertebral spectrum.

Goldenhar syndrome info site?

Facial anomolies. Incomplete development of the ear, nose, mandible, soft palate and/or lip. Usually these defects are only on one side of the body. Http://www. Goldenharsyndrome. Org/.

Does anyone here treat goldenhar syndrome?

Depends. Depends where you live. Treatment would include repair of cleft palate by a pediatric plastic surgeon or a maxillo-facial surgeon who could also take care of the mandible deformity. Pediatric ENT doctor for ear malformations.
Yes. Yes, our team treats currently more than 100 children with this condition. Treatments include dental work, jaw surgery, eye surgery, facial nerve surgery, etc.

Does anyone know anything about goldenhar syndrome?

Birth defect. Congenital birth defect affecting the formation and development of the ears, palate, mandible. Can be associated with scoliosis and development of some internal organs.

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about goldenhar syndrome survival?

Depends on. The presence of serious congenital heart or kidney defects, narrowing of the ateries to the kidneys causing high blood pressure, vertebral abnormalities causing severe scoliosis that can compromise lung function. These are seen in the most severe cases. Early detection & medical or surgical treatment of these associated problems greatly reduce morbidity (illness) & mortality.

Is goldenhar syndrome heritable?

It is a genetic synd. It is a genetic syndrome. There's a bout a 3% chance the child will pass it on and less than a 1% chance it would occur in a sibling of this child of same parents.

Goldenhar syndrome treatment?

Birth defect. Congenital birth defect that affects the development of the ear, nose, mandible, and palate.
Requires a team. Craniofacial teams associated with medical schools include many of the specialist needed: ent, plastic surgery, audiology, speech/language therapy, genetics, developmental/behavioral pediatrics, & medical social work. Pediatric ophthalmologists, nephrologists, cardiologists, orthopedists, psychologists, school advocates & family support service organizations often participate in care.