Has anyone tried global health trax threelac probiotic or a gluten-free, casein-free diet for autism?

Consumer beware. The present understanding of the autism spectrum involves the concept of a miswired brain due to a variety of genetic/chromosomal errors.Special diets, exercises, potions and the like have been offered for millennia to treat chronic conditions.One need to approach any with caution.When simple and paired with standard therapy there is no loss in trying.If hard & costly with no measurability=beware.
Yes. I have many patients try the casein / lactose free diet with limited long term results.

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How many parents try a gluten free and casein free diet for children with autism?

TOO many. Sadly autism is complicated, not terribly well understood yet-though quite a bit better. And there are too many false hopes that go viral. Please have a thorough, comfortable discussion with a physician that struggles with helping in what can be a pernicious malady for not only the child, but the immediate and even extended family. Read more...
Can't find answer. I am unaware of any study that has reported the number of parents who have tried a g/c-free diet with their autistic child. The number is probably pretty high and certainly varies across the country. Bigger question is how helpful it is. There, answers vary widely, depending on the source. What is clear is that it does not *cure* autism and that it is a rigorous regimen. Read more...